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The Diabetes Council

Chef Rachel Z (Chef No. 35) was featured in The Diabetes Council article 46 Chefs Share Healthy Cooking Tips for People With Diabetes

Healthy Brown Bag Lunches

Austin American Statesman

“Look forward to lunch with these vegan brown bag dishes” – by Addie Broyles

Chef Rachel Z teaching healthy lunch makingNo matter if you’re eating a vegan diet every day of the year or, taking a cue from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman, eating meat-free meals before 6 p.m., it’s good to have some healthy brown bag lunch recipes in your repertoire.

What’s a brown bag lunch? I think of brown bag lunches being packed with foods that don’t have to be refrigerated and can be eaten at room temperature. Without any meat or cheese to keep cool or heat up, vegan meals are brown-bag friendly by nature, says Rachel Zierzow, a chef instructor in Austin who recently taught a class on the subject at the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts on South Lamar Boulevard.

You wouldn’t want to leave a hummus sandwich with cucumber and avocado in your hot car for four hours and then eat it, but you could easily keep these dishes in a bag by your desk and eat them at midday without worry.

… Read the full article here!

The Seattle Times

“A new twist to brown-bag lunches” – by Addie Broyles

Diet and Healthy Skin



“”The macrobiotic diet is cleansing and nourishing at the same time. “ – Chef Rachel Z

Macro Diet with Chef Rachel Z

When it comes to having clear, glowing skin and healthy hair and nails, well, we know that the right beauty routine is critical. But it’s not JUST products—the glow we all crave is also fueled by the kinds of food we eat. (No wonder fad diets these days seem to be geared more and more toward beauty versus physical fitness alone.) Take, for instance, the macrobiotic diet: a low-fat, high-fiber diet that champions whole grains, locally grown vegetables and plant-based proteins to prevent degenerative diseases and foster optimal health. But it’s not just about which foods to eat. The macrobiotic diet also recognizes food preparation, nature, lifestyle and inner balance as pillars of good health. As for how exactly this diet benefits your skin and hair, we asked a nutritionist, a dermatologist and a chef to enlighten us….

… Read the article here.

Chef Rachel Z’s Recipes on LA Yoga

This holiday-themed bread is easy to prepare for a potluck offering and even makes a welcome gift. The winter squash baked into the loaf provides antioxidants and a grounding, calming effect in the body during the dry and dark vata…

All recipes contributed to LA Yoga by Chef Rachel Z

LA yoga


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