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Through cooking we can nourish and heal our bodies, show our love, and build family and community.

Mineral-Rich Energy Bars (V, GF)

Creating a nutrient-dense, delicious energy bar This month I started a new yoga program and realized I needed to make some nutrient-dense snacks to take with me. I remembered Jessica Porter’s classic recipe for Crispy Brown Rice Bars (a healthy, macrobiotic version of Rice Crispy Treats), but wanted to add some extra goodies to make

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photo of kabocha squash-red lentil curry in white bowl on purple placemat on the dinner table

Kabocha Squash and Red Lentil Curry (V, GF)

Try this coconut-based curry if you like the flavors of Indian food without the heat! Kabocha squash, red lentils, and spices such as ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin, tcinnamon, and curry leaves make this curry irresistible!

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healthy eating

Volunteer Social Media Intern for Natural Foods Chef (Fall 2018)

Chef Rachel Zierzow of Cook Love Heal (Austin- based cooking classes, personal chef, healthy recipe blog) seeks a social media intern for September-December 2018. What you’ll be doing: documenting cooking classes and personal chef sessions (take photos with camera or iPhone), 3 weekly Instagram and Facebook posts, weekly Pinterest post (following chef’s recipe post), and

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photo of baked wild salmon with rosemary and garlic

Baked Wild Salmon with Rosemary and Garlic

Treat yourself to baked wild salmon with rosemary and garlic for a much better quality seafood meal than you can get at most restaurants. Fast and easy to prepare, this is a great weeknight meal or the main dish for your next dinner party.

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Austin Mole Restaurant Guide 2018
Mexican food

Austin Mole Restaurant Guide 2018

Austin Mole Restaurant Guide 2018 The ultimate guide to mole in Austin!  This guide is just a starting point for all you people who love mole as much as I do and want to find it in Austin. For those people visiting the city for festivals like ACL or SXSW, definitely consider checking out one of these

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South Austin Breakfast Taco Guide 2018

South Austin Breakfast Taco Guide!! Welcome to the South Austin Breakfast Taco Guide! Here is the answer to your question: Where are the BEST TACOS IN AUSTIN?? (At least South Austin) We love breakfast tacos. Who doesn’t? There’s nothing better than a really fresh taco made with good ingredients and topped with delicious salsa. And

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