7 Healthy Holiday Recipes (gluten and dairy free)

Here are my favorite healthy holiday recipes that the whole family can enjoy! Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, healthy & delicious! Try some of these for Thanksgiving or other winter holidays.

My Favorite Healthy Holiday Recipes

I wanted to share some of my favorite healthy holiday recipes with you. My definition of a great recipe is one that is simple, wholesome, delicious, and hearty. One that you feel good about feeding to your whole family. During the holidays, if you focus on nourishing your body, you won’t have to go on a diet when January rolls around. And hopefully you will stay healthy and avoid winter colds and flus as well.

In the fall/winter, we are blessed with an abundance of wonderful ingredients – a true harvest time. Fresh rosemary and thyme, crisp apples, juicy pomegranate seeds, sweet winter squashes, Brussels sprouts, and dark leafy greens are just some of my favorites! I hope this guide helps with planning for holiday get togethers, making delicious, homemade food that nourishes the body and soul.

Photo of Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake on cake stand

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dessert! I fell in love with this recipe when preparing for a Valentine’s Day cooking class at Con’ Olio Olive Oils and Vinegars. I thought it would be the perfect…

Gluten Free French Apple Tart with whole apples on the side

Gluten Free French Apple Tart

Impressive Dessert that is Fairly Simple to Make When I was home visiting my family in Connecticut last week we did what we do best – make lots of delicious food! In browsing through America’s Test Kitchen The Perfect Pie…

Macrobiotic Nishime Style Vegetables with Crispy Tempeh

Macrobiotic Nishime Style Vegetables with Crispy Tempeh

Eat More Veggies! Here’s a new way of cooking vegetables that I think you’ll love. Macrobiotic nishime style vegetables are slowly steamed until the cooking liquid has evaporated, leaving the vegetables sweet, flavorful, and creamy–but not overcooked or mushy. Here, we…

Almond Flour Sugar Cookies decorated for the holidays with icing and sprinkles

Almond Flour Sugar Cookies (Gluten Free)

Simple almond flour sugar cookies are great for holiday cut-out cookies Sometimes the simplest recipes are also the best recipes! This recipe for almond flour sugar cookies only has a few ingredients– almond flour, butter, sugar (coconut or regular), vanilla,…

Baked Delicata Squash with Onions & Rosemary

Baked Delicata Squash with Onions & Rosemary

Every fall I look forward to the return of delicata squash at the market. I cook with them as often as I can because their season is limited. Baked delicata squash with onions and rosemary is one of my favorite…

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