Cook Naturally Without A Recipe

Cook Naturally Without A Recipe

Learn the Secrets Of How to

Cook Naturally Without A Recipe

  • Learn Knife Skills
  • Monthly Live Q&A Session
  • Primarily Plant-Based (includes one fish dish)
  • Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Free of Processed Sugar
  • Recipes that You Can Make Variations On
  • Over 2 Hours of Video Instruction
  • Online Community Of Students
  • Includes Shopping Lists

Chef Rachel changed my life. I used to rarely cook for myself, because it was too much hassle to find recipes and get the ingredients. Now I can just open my refrigerator and make something delicious with whatever is there, and I know that it will be healthy. I'm so grateful!



You know cooking for yourself is better for your health, but you never seem to find the time.  It always seems easier to just go out to eat or get prepared food from the store because there is too much going on in your life.


You’ve tried all kinds of diets but have a hard time sticking to them.  Whenever you try a new diet it makes you feel good for a while, but eventually you can’t keep up with it and it makes you feel bad about yourself. 


Every time you think you’ve figured out how to eat, you read something new saying that everything has changed.  You tried gluten-free, and then maybe raw, vegetarian, paleo, or keto. You’re getting tired of trying to figure out what’s best to eat.


Sometimes you don’t cook because it’s just too hard to think of what to make.  You look into the refrigerator and nothing looks good. You have a bookshelf of cookbooks but you don’t open them often, because you’d have to make a special trip to the store for some ingredient that you don’t have. 

If any of this resonates with you,
you're not alone.

I struggled with these all of these issues for years, and I used to beat myself up about them until I learned how to cook for myself, naturally and easily. 

When I was young I suffered from an eating disorder and as a young adult I found myself saddled with leaky gut syndrome after decades of antibiotics and poor diet. I spent so many years trying all the things everyone said would make me a better, healthier person. I exercised every day and tried different health food diets, but my health just kept getting worse. 

Eventually I got off the exercise and diet hamster wheel and took an introductory course to macrobiotic cooking. I learned how food could be medicine, how to take responsibility for my own health, and how good health equals freedom. I had studied biology in both college and graduate school, but this was a different level of understanding. 

I learned first hand that we are literally what we eat – and our health is directly tied to what we eat, how we eat, and how we treat ourselves. But to really benefit from this knowledge, we have to learn how to cook for and nourish ourselves. 

I immediately enrolled in a natural foods culinary school and learned everything I could. After a few years of learning, cooking and healing myself I became an instructor at the school and eventually revamped their curriculum. Now I’ve spent the last fifteen years teaching people from around the world, and I’ve learned even more from helping students who have come to me with all kinds of backgrounds and challenges.

I love teaching, and I’ve put together this short course to help you get started on this same journey to better health through cooking for yourself. 

By the End of the Course, You Will Have Learned

  • How to declutter your kitchen and choose the right tools for your cooking adventures
  • Basic knife skills you need for slicing and dicing vegetables with ease
  • Fundamental cooking techniques such as steaming grain, baking vegetables and fish, sautéing, pressure cooking beans, pickling vegetables, making creamy soups, and more!
  • How to make delicious, healthy meals without gluten, diary or refined sugar that you can make again and again with many different variations
  • To trust yourself in the kitchen to make healthful meals for yourself more often at home!

How is this different than anything else I've tried?

Cooking naturally is a long-term, balanced approach to creating your best health. Dieting may work for a little while, but it is someone else’s solution not yours. When you cook for yourself, you can find what works best for you.

Americans spend over $60 billion a year on diets!

BREAK YOURSELF FROM THE DIET HABIT • Diets are big business, because we live in a society that sells us processed foods but glamorizes skinny models. A diet may help you in the short run, but they aren’t a good long-term solution. Very few diets are balanced and most of them are too difficult to stick to for long periods of time. More importantly, there is more to good health than just your weight!

The reality is that everyone’s needs are different. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to cook using quality ingredients, and pay attention to how different foods make your feel. When you cook for yourself you can adjust as you go, always moving in the direction of good health and always making your food more and more delicious!

"Thank you for all your love and kindness!"

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Course Outline

Creamy Broccoil Soup • Cook Love Heal with Rachel Zierzow

Module 1

Preparing for the Course

  • Selecting a Knife and Cutting Board
  • Preparing Your Kitchen to Create Amazing Meals
  • Gathering Your Kitchen Equipment and Ingredients

Module 2

Knife Basics

  • Knife Safety and Care
  • How to cut onions – dice, fajita cut 
  • How to cut carrots – rounds, half moons, quarter moons, diagonals, matchsticks, dice, ribbons
  • How to cut celery – slice, bias cut, dice
  • How to cut butternut squash – quarter moons, matchsticks, chunks
  • How to cut kale – squares, stem rounds
  • How to cut parsley – mince

Module 3

Fundamental Cooking Techniques

  • How to make a puréed vegetable soup  
  • How to pressure cook beans  
  • How to bake and season fish  
  • How to sautée vegetables  
  • How to steam rice

Module 4

Putting It All Together

  • How to steam quinoa
  • How to flavor and season homemade beans
  • How to bake rosemary sweet potatoes
  • How to sauté and season vegetables
  • How to make homemade pickles
  • How to make homemade pesto sauce
  • Next steps – recommendations for building your repertoire of weeknight meals

Take the first steps to Changing Your Life

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Get started now on your journey to better health and delicious home-cooked food today!
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  • Why is it important to cook without a recipe? I have lots of recipes I love!
    Recipes are wonderful! But being able to cook without a recipe frees you to be able to create delicious food from whatever is in your kitchen. When you aren't tied to a recipe, you cook more often and cooking more often for yourself is the key to better health!
  • Will I be able to communicate with the instructor or other students?
    When you enroll you'll be able to join a closed Facebook group where I will have a monthly live Q&A session. I'll also encourage group discussions, and you can share photos of your creations with other people in the course!
  • Is the course better for beginners or people who already know how to cook?
    I created the course so that you could take it with no cooking experience at all or as a way to upgrade your skills. I've met so many people who have cooked for years without ever really learning proper knife skills or other basics that are so important to being able cook naturally without a recipe.
  • How long will it take me to get through the course?
    It depends on how much you need to work on each skill. If you work on it every day, you could get through the course in a week or so. But most people will want to take their time and pace it out over a few weeks.
  • How long will I have access to the course materials?
    You'll always have access to the materials in the course! So if you want to take your time or go over some of the lessons again in the future, they will always be there.
  • What about diet restrictions?
    The recipes in this course are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. The course is based on a predominantly plant-based diet supplemented with sustainable seafood and humanely raised meats. Only one short lesson in the course is based on seafood, so if you are vegetarian 95% of this course will still work for you.

Enroll Now for Only $199

$50 off the normal price of $249! Get started now on your journey to better health and delicious home-cooked food today!
Introductory price!
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Join the Cook Love Heal Community!

Join the Cook Love Heal community, and I’ll send you my Natural Health Starter Kit for free. I’ll also keep you updated with amazing recipes, yoga ideas and tips for how to live a balanced life. Look forward to meeting you!

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