Chef Rachel Zierzow

Certified Natural Foods Chef & Instructor, Certified Macrobiotic Counselor

Cooking is one of my favorite ways to spend time with family and friends and to make new friends

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Rachel Zierzow is a certified natural foods chef, culinary instructor, and holistic health counselor. She is passionate about guiding individuals to create balance in their lives and achieve long-term health benefits.

From a very young age, Rachel followed her mother around the garden and the kitchen, learning how to transform food into meals. Through this early education, she also learned about the secret ingredient in every recipe: L-O-V-E.

Rachel was born and raised in Connecticut and moved to Austin in 1996 for graduate school. Saddled with serious health issues related to antibiotic treatments since childhood, Rachel searched for alternatives to conventional medicine to avoid surgeries and medication. She began studying yoga and macrobiotics in 2003, which monumentally changed the way she viewed life, and started her on a healing path.

Since then, she has been a devoted student and practitioner of both disciplines, teaching at the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts for over 10 years, and working with many private clients on issues of food and healing. Rachel currently teaches private cooking lessons and group cooking classes, leads corporate team building workshops, and provides personal chef and holistic health counseling in the Austin area. Rachel holds a BA in Biology and an MA in Ecology and Evolution, and certifications in Natural Foods Cooking and Macrobiotic Counseling.

“Macrobiotic cooking is the art of living a “great life”—creating radiant health through balanced eating and lifestyle choices. My passion is to share the art of cooking and balanced living with others, to prevent or reverse disease.” –Rachel Zierzow

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