7 Healthy Holiday Recipes (gluten and dairy free)

7 Healthy Holiday Recipes (Gluten Free and Dairy Free)

Here are my favorite healthy holiday recipes that the whole family can enjoy! Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, healthy & delicious! Try some of these for Thanksgiving or other winter holidays.

Thai-Inspired Red Lentil Curry

Thai-Inspired Red Lentil Curry • Cook Love Heal by Rachel Zierzow

Red lentil curry is the perfect all-season, one-pot meal that’s soothing to the stomach, with coconut milk, fresh ginger, and turmeric.

Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl (Bún) with Shiitake Mushrooms

Vietnamese Vermicelli Noodle Bowls with Shiitake • Cook Love Heal by Rachel Zierzow

Now you can make vermicelli bowls like your favorite Vietnamese restaurant at home! They are the perfect summertime meal. Cooked noodles are topped with crunchy vegetables, sautéed mushrooms, flavorful herbs, and a light dipping sauce.

Indian Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry

Indian Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry bowl and cooking pot

Make this authentic Indian curry from scratch in under an hour! Chickpeas and sweet potatoes are simmered in a spicy coconut milk curry sauce for the most delicious Indian meal.

Japanese Soba Noodle Salad

Japanese Soba Noodle Salad • Cook Love Heal by Rachel Zierzow

Japanese soba noodle salad with shiitake mushrooms, scallions, and cilantro is a great dish to serve for lunch on a hot summer day!

Black Bean Burrito Bowls

Black Bean Burrito Bowl• Cook Love Heal by Rachel Zierzow

These black bean burrito bowls are an easy one-pot meal that can be made in about 15 minutes. Perfect for college dorm meals and easy lunches.

Provençal French Lentils

Provençal French Lentils • Cook Love Heal by Rachel Zierzow

Simple and delicious recipe for French lentils, with fresh herbs and vegetables that are easy to find year round. Make a cold lentil salad with leftovers, or add broth and seasonings to make into a soup!