7 Tips for Healthy Home Cooking

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  1. can you comment on “leftovers” in regards to your advise to make beans and grains to use all week? i have really been trying to eat/cook healthy to support my digestion and it can get overwhelming at times.


    • Hi Lori, thanks for your comment. I like to have some staples on hand to start meals with throughout the week so that I can just add fresh vegetables and not have to start everything from scratch every day. So for instance, if you were to make a grain (brown or white rice, for instance) and some kind of bean (pinto, black, or garbanzo) at the start of the week, you can use the in recipes for the next few days. If you need more variety, you can use quick cooking lentils, animal protein, noodles, etc. to fill in the gaps. I like to use leftover rice that has been refrigerated to make fried rice. It works much better than using fresh rice because it is drier and stir fries better. Or just steam leftover rice to use as a side dish. Leftover beans can be refried or made into hummus and used in tacos, burritos, or sandwiches. Garbanzo beans are great roasted and used as a topping for salads. I also love to make soup with leftover beans by sauteing vegetables, adding the beans and vegetable stock, and some fresh herbs. I almost always make a lot of extra beans (starting with dry beans that I soak overnight) and freeze whatever I can’t use in the first few days in quart sized freezer bags. I hope this helps!

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